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led retrofit kits are designed to keep your old luminaire or light fixture but get the benefits of led. bright, clear colors with high lumens to watt ratios are the hallmark of leds. lower your energy bills, often with government or utility rebates and best of all, there is no more maintenance. do

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retrofit lighting kits updating lighting is essential to keeping up with the times in both appearance and performance. when looking for a way to change out older, non energy efficient light fixtures into an energy conserving led, induction, t8, or t5ho fluorescent, the use of retrofits or retrofit lighting kits are an easy and affordable solution.

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save big on led retrofit kits. order led retrofit kits from ledmyplace with a comparative price. free shipping. 30 day easy return policy.

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choose from a variety of retrofit led lights for use in high bays, high hats, low bays, parking lot and street lights, floods, corn cobs and retrofit boards in an array of sizes, wattages, kelvin (color) temperatures and lumens outputs. for more information about retrofitting led lights or to order any of the retrofit led lighting fixtures shown below, call (855) 672 7020 to speak to one of

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led street light retrofit lamps can help enhance the roadways they are installed in thanks to their high quality light. the roadway lighting sector is gradually moving towards led lighting for its cost saving benefits, reduced maintenance costs, and low light pollution levels.

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manufacturer of led to retrofit street light, power led to retrofit street lights. we can increase the iq of your solar school parking lot lighting solar traffic lights traffic c ontrols maximum ambient temperature 40 to 80 c ( 40 to 176 f) fluorescent fixtures in areas that experience temperatures of 5 f ( 15c) or below is not

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led retrofit kits. led lighting is an energy efficient option that can be used in many applications. we supply a large selection of led lighting retrofit kits, led wall packs, and led retrofit lamps suitable for commercial and industrial retrofits or new construction projects. induction lighting retrofit kits

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when it comes to lighting, there are a few basics to keep in mind when choosing your 4 foot strip retrofit lighting kits, especially when deciphering the differences between t8, t12 fluorescent, t5 light fixtures, and led options. the t12 is the oldest, and it has a larger and less efficient bulb size than the t8.

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types of led fixture retrofits led troffer retrofit kits are available for 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 fluorescent troffers and replace fluorescent tubes with led diodes. these retrofits install in minutes, with some using magnets to secure the new housing. in many cases, you don't need to remove the fixture

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our outdoor solar light fixtures are built to last with durable and weather resistant constructions. our selection of solar led lights include solar led dawn to dusk lights, solar led post top light fixtures, led solar motion detector security lights, mini led solar wall light fixtures, solar led wall packs.

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with these street light led retrofit lighting options, it is easier than ever to get the high quality lighting you need in a matter of minutes. these kits include all the necessary hardware to change from outdated lighting to the newer led style in both single and multi lamp fixtures.

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hykolity led troffer retrofit kit 2x4 ft 40w magnetic, 5200lm, 5000k, t8 t10 t12 fluorescent replacement led light bar, 0 10v dimmable, 100 277v, etl listed and dlc complied strip fixtures

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hid retrofit kit ecostrip hid replacement lamp for recessed housing flood, area & sport lights solar led fixtures fluorescent to led retrofit in 15 minutes retrofitting your existing fluorescent fixtures has never been easier with our magnetic, quick connecting led magnetic retrofit system ..

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innovative refit led strip fixture kits are designed to retrofit existing fluorescent fixtures. easy to install with various lumen and color temperature options. ideal for applications in retail, commercial office, and industrial. refit universal linear (rul)

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solar led lights are self contained and require no connection to external power, no wiring, and no electrician. simply mount your new lights to walls, poles, fence posts, or other outdoor locations and enjoy worry free lighting for years to come. these lights will run during power outages, they'll run even when the weather's been overcast and

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led street light fixtures come in a variety of light distribution options, which is important in achieving the desired light cast. in addition to led street light fixtures we also offer led lighting retrofit kits. offering design light consortium (dlc) approved led airport roadway lighting for local and federal rebates and incentives.

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pro lighting s led retrofit department has everything you need to upgrade your fluorescent, cfl or hid system to led lighting. a retrofit will give you high quality lighting along with significant financial and environmental benefits, without the added time and cost of completely overhauling your lighting system.

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wholesale led light fixtures and induction lighting fixtures and retrofit kits / led light fixtures, led bulbs, led fixtures and accessories / led outdoor light fixtures, led bulbs and accessories / led lighting accessories and parts / street light fixtures, area light fixtures,and shoebox light fixture parts and accessories /

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solar street lights all use led light bulbs, which run much cooler so there is also lower odds of overheating. since solar street lights don't have outside wires, the safety risk is very low. solar street lights are also an advantage to the environment, reducing our

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30w led fluorescent strip retrofit 4ft replaces existing fluorescent strip fixtures at a great price 888.423.3191large quantity and contractor discounts available call us this product is made to order with many options and configurations. contact us for pricing.

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save money now by talking to us induction lighting fixtures is a wholesale supplier of led lights and induction light fixtures, hid replacement, led bulbs, and more. click to view our products today and save up 50 percent as compared to retail purchasing. as an electrical wholesaler we allow you to purchase directly from the companies that manufacture you favorite lighting products from

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240 watt led retrofit kit 31,200 lumens ultra efficient led 120 lumen/watt replacement kit for high bay, parking lot, street light.

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through our website, you can compare and buy outdoor led fixtures for street lighting, parking lots and pole mount applications ranging from construction and installation of brand new fixtures to retrofit kits that will transform your old fixtures into efficient led lights.

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get more out of your strip lighting by converting from fluorescent to led with a retrofit kit from pro lighting. these common light fixtures, which provide lighting for narrow areas such as hallways and workbenches, will be taken up a notch with an efficient, eco friendly led system.

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replace your metal halide, high pressure sodium (hps), mercury vapor lighting, and fluorescent sign lighting tubes with led keep your existing fixtures and simply convert them to led lighting technology with our retrofit lamps and kits. lamp retrofits are screw in bulbs with e39 bases that can be adapted to e26 sockets with an accessory adapter.

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adjustable led acorn street light retrofit; exit led retrofit kits; forever lamp l.e.d. retrofit for high and lowbays; high mast led solar; l.e.d. solar street lights with separate panel; pole light solar wrap; l.e.d. retrofit kit for round fixtures; l.e.d. retrofit kits for sconces; l.e.d. retrofit kits

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our selection of induction, led, and fluorescent pole lighting and street lamp fixtures includes cobra head, round top, square, and shoebox models, as well as decorative styles including acorn top. structural materials include stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.

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ge's retrofit led solutions offer a variety of led retrofit kits for recessed, can lights, downlights, suspended, strip, hazardous and linear fluorescent (lfl) tubes. our solutions redefine the art of indoor lighting, providing style, efficiency, and performance while enhancing color desired for retail, office, hospitality, and industrial lighting applications.

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conversion kits the led retrofit kit. with an led retrofit kit, converting recessed lighting into energy efficient led is often as easy as screwing in a light bulb. consisting of recessed trim and an led light source, these conversion kits are designed to be installed within your existing recessed housings.

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hykolity 8 pack led troffer retrofit kit 2x4 ft 60w magnetic, 7800lm, 5000k, t8 t10 t12 fluorescent replacement led light bar, 0 10v dimmable, 100 277v, etl listed and dlc complied strip fixtures.

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induction retrofit kits. check our wide selection of energy efficient lighting products, including, induction fixtures street lights led dimmable bulbs fully dimmable leds.

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flood fixtures the led flood fixtures can be used for sporting events, parking lot, and outdoor events such as parties. we also have led lighting fixtures accessories such as lenses, baffles and glare shields, mounting accessories, wire guards, retrofit kits, power cords and lexan guards.

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dlc listed products turtle friendly amber led lighting led t8 sign tubes led ceiling panels and troffers led acorn retrofit kits and lamps led custom retrofit kits led high bay and low bay fixtures led sports and high mast lighting led area / parking lot lighting led post top fixtures led street lights led garage/canopy/gas fixtures led vapor

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information and specifications on our solar led light fixtures used with our commercial solar lighting systems to provide the best possible light with high lumen per watt ratios provided by industrial hubbell lighting brands such as hubbell outdoor, beacon products, kim lighting

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on february 16, 2009, los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa and president bill clinton announced a partnership under which the city, advised by the clinton climate initiative, would outfit 140,000 street lights with light emitting diode (led) fixtures. call for pricing toll free 1 844 led pros (1 844 533 7767)

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orion energy systems inc. the lighting industry s leading provider of energy retrofit solutions and work space benefits through the design and manufacture of performance driven connected lighting platforms including led solid state lighting and intelligent controls .. new product series, and dozens of expansions. some of the product